Roberts Consulting Group’s Cost Estimating Services have provided 
commercial and residential clients with accurate estimates since 1986. His 
reputation is indisputable in this very critical area.
Roberts Consulting Group’s cost estimating experience spans all types of 
construction estimating and reporting, in a variety of types of building projects in 
California and the US. Expert Witness representation is also a specialty.
Robert Tellez is an active member of the American Society of Professional 
Estimators (ASPE). He served as an ASPE Chapter 4 Board member for four 
years and Treasurer (2002-03) in San Diego.


Obviously, the “level” of cost estimating services varies according to individual 
circumstances. It is recommended that anyone seeking these services carefully 
investigate the reputation and track record of the cost expert, such as his/her 
academic and field experience, and license in terms of state and specialty.
Generally, there are three levels of cost estimating, depending on the amount of 
information and severity of the alleged problem:

1. A Budget Estimate, which involves as well as analysis of a verbal 
description of your structures, grounds, population, area, and any alleged 
defects claimed or suspected.
This is followed up by limited site inspections 
prior to any estimate.
2. A Conceptual Estimate, which includes the above as well as photos of the 
buildings and any suspected problem areas, some destructive testing by 
the estimator, and recommendations for repair. Additionally, 
recommendations for repair/restoration of any defects found at this level 
are made.
3. A Preliminary Estimate includes the above, with the addition of requests 
for and analyses of original drawings (if available), preparation of repair 

One of the more valuable outcomes of a cost estimate is the repair 
mentioned above. They can include:
• A detailed description of the problematic areas found.
• Written advice on best known mechanisms for repairing and/or replacing problems.
(These can come from one or more experts in a specific field, depending on the level and type of defect/damage).
• A report detailing results of destructive testing conducted, including time(s) and timeframe(s), occurrences, levels, etc.
• A proposal of the best known methods to correct the defects/damages, including materials.
• Other possible information might include an estimate of repair for other locations based on the above analyses and the coverage of the property at hand.

• Contingencies
• General conditions
• Fees (based upon volume as well as other concerns)

Unit Costing:
• Cost comparison – plaintiff/defense
• Duplicaton
• Overlapping cost
• Standard vs modeled units
• Repair recommendations per each allegation comparison

Testing Methodologies:
• Material tests
• Laboratory tests
• Window tests
• Stucco tests
• Roofing tests
• Foundation, slab tests
• Exterior wall tests
• Deck tests
• Gypsum wallboard tests
• Thermal / fire protection tests
• Tub / shower tests

• Sample sizes of inspections
• Randomness of inspection samples
For more information about construction defect cost estimating, and/or Robert Tellez’s experience and references, please contact us.

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