Robert owned and operated his own construction company for 21 years in California. Since then he has developed an excellent reputation for his intri-cate knowledge in both wood- and steel-framed construction in a wide variety of facility types. He learned his trade from the ground up as a union carpenter, lather, drywall and stucco journeyman, eventually becoming President & General Manager of Accu-Tech of San Diego, a respected commercial and residential company. His experience in residential, commercial, heavy commercial construction, as well as litigation support, bringing resolution for both plaintiff and defendant cases, set him apart as a leading construction expert.

Mr.Tellez was a guest speaker at WESTCON 2008.
Read his presentation: Why Windows Leak.
Window Design Considerations & Performance.

Robert R. Tellez has been involved in the construction industry since 1973.
He currently serves as Forensic Expert and Chief Estimator for Roberts Consulting Group. As an expert witness with many years experience, he has assisted attorneys, contractors and surety companies through all phases of legal action. He has brought resolution in all phases of construction defects and repair costs. His experience is in construction, as well as litigation tasks.
He works with a team of architects, contractors and technical support staff, providing consulting, repair recommendations and cost estimating services throughout the United States. He investigates failures in building construction systems and components for owners, contractors, and insurance companies, as well as attorneys involved in construction defect litigation. He performs inspections, testing, data collection, analysis, product and material research, and expert testimony for developers, general contractors and sub-contractors. He also offers assistance in the dispute resolution process — often associated with the very complex process of construction defect litigation. His specialties include any water intrusion in exterior envelopes including stucco/plaster, masonry, EIFS, 1 coat designs, as well as windows, doors, roofs and balconies.


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